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98% of your consumers expect to see specific
safety precautions when you re-open.


Learn what they are in this comprehensive report.

Retail and restaurant consumers from across the U.S. weigh in on their feelings, expectations, and spending behaviors after COVID.

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Our full report and accompanying interactive dashboard allow you to understand:

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Expectations for consumers like yours who frequent stores/restaurants like yours.

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What your most excited, nervous, and frequent/best customers expect.

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How the expectations of different consumer profiles / personas differ.

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Tools and tips for taking action on the information in the report.

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For a one-time payment of $495 you get:

Access to the full, 100+ page report including:

  • Results of all questions
  • Deep dives into the most excited, nervous, and frequent consumers
  • Results by consumer profile / persona
  • Consolidated insights, innovation prompts, and innovation tools

Unlimited access to the interactive, fully-visualized dashboard for custom filtering on:

  • Type of restaurant / retail store
  • Demographics
  • Deographic region
  • Consumer profile / persona
  • And more…

A free 60-minute relevance session to co-create your custom, data-driven re-opening plan.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside the full report and online dashboard.

Before & During COVID

We began by asking consumers how their purchase frequency and habits might have changed while in quarantine.


Shifted at least some

75% of consumers shifted at least some of
their retail purchases online during quarantine.


Purchased less or not at all

61% of consumers purchased less from
restaurants during quarantine.


We also asked consumers about their expectations for safety precautions, pricing, and their own spending behaviors after restaurants and retail stores re-open.



of consumers expect prices to increase at stores and restaurants, compared to prices before COVID.

of consumers expect prices to increase at stores and restaurants, compared to prices before COVID.



of consumers expect to see one or more safety precautions in place in stores and restaurants after they re-open.

of consumers expect to see one or more safety precautions in place in stores and restaurants after they re-open.


Expectations are highest for MATRIARCHS
(older women)…

Icon - young invincible

But even the YOUNG INVINCIBLES have a number of safety expectations.

And that’s just a small taste of all the value contained in the full report.

Full report contains:

  • Retail and restaurant behavior before and during COVID quarantine: frequency of usage and type of stores/restaurants visited.
  • How excited and nervous consumers are that retailers/restaurants are opening again.
  • What consumers are excited and nervous about when restaurants and retailers open. We gave respondents a short list of potential sources of excitement and anxiety. (Check out the list of excitement/anxiety topics for retailers and restaurants.)
  • How prepared consumers believe restaurants and retailers are to open again.
  • Expectations on future spend when restaurants and retailers open again.
  • How soon consumers expect to go back to dining in restaurants and shopping in brick-and-mortar stores after they open again.
  • Specific expectations for retailers and restaurants as they open. Learn the degree to which certain safety precautions are expected for retailers as well as restaurants. (Check out the list of expectations for retailers and restaurants.)
  • Expectations of prices after restaurants and retailers open. What do consumers believe will happen to prices after lockdown? See how many believe they will go up, stay the same, or go down.
  • The 5 different consumer types. We used advanced machine learning to find 5 different consumer types defined by human values and demographic descriptors. Learn how each group behaved before and during COVID as well as their expectations as stores and restaurants open. And once you know the types of consumers and their associated expectations, you can better prepare offerings and messages as you reopen.
  • Thought starters and innovation tools to help you turn insights into growth action
  • Unlimited access to the interactive online dashboard. With access to this dashboard, you can easily and quickly create custom views of the data to better personalize the findings to your business.

Want customized results personalized for YOUR business?

Dig into the interactive dashboard.

Our online, fully-visualized, interactive dashboard will allow you to create custom filters of the results, based on:

Geographic region


Restaurant / retail store type

Political affiliation

Consumer profile / persona

And more…

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