Combat tough times with fresh consumer understanding.

It seems like consumer behavior changes overnight. And that out-of-control feeling in the pit of your stomach? Well, it’s something we believe you should ever have to feel.

We know it takes action based on fresh insights to succeed in the “new normal”…and we’re here to get you back to confidence.

Check out our CURBSIDE menu of offerings below. Each one is designed to get you critical insight fast and without breaking your budget.

“New Normal” Behavior Patterns

We’ll conduct in-depth interviews with your customers to help you understand how their goals, needs, and behaviors are different today than they were prior to COVID19. This insight will help you evolve your message and content strategy as well as influence product and service innovation.
  • 10 in-depth interviews
  • Analysis of goals and needs
  • Detailed and shareable report with highlighted insights


Path to Purchase

It’s likely that COVID19 has altered the way your consumers learn about, research, decide, and purchase offerings like yours. Through in-depth interviews, we’ll help you understand the new path to purchase. (psst: we can also do this for your competition – just ask if you’re interested)
  • 10 in-depth interviews
  • Creation of path-to-purchase journey map complete with sequenced touchpoints
  • Shareable journey map with supporting notes


Satisfaction Drivers

What leads to satisfaction with your brand during these “unprecedented times”? Odds are, it’s not what it was prior to COVID19. We’ll help you understand how satisfied your customers are and, more importantly, why.
  • Online survey of your current customers
  • Advanced analysis to uncover factors leading to satisfaction
  • Shareable report featuring CSAT score and leading satisfaction factors


(plus the cost of incentives
for survey participants)

Turn the Corner

Fresh insight should quickly lead to quick action. We’ll help you envision new ways to grow your business.
  • Half day innovation session professionally moderated by Sprocket
  • Growth ideas provoked by the latest behavioral science (yay psychology!)
  • Prioritized list of ideas to pursue now vs. next


(Don’t worry, we’ll get more details
from you before we fire up the oven.)

“With intuition and insight, the Sprockettes have helped Frontpoint identify, understand and respond to customer expectations. Their work has revealed hidden opportunities and motivations, and has fulfilled for us a critical need in next-best customer definition. Our newfound clarity – and confidence – in bet making owes largely to Sprocket.”

Mark Weninger

Former CMO, Frontpoint Security