Start growing your business with existing customers.

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Customer profiles

The road to growth begins with a firm understanding of who your customers are. Download this tool today and start defining your customers using our four critical dimensions.


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Data Science & CX

At Sprocket, we live and die by 5 principles that shape how we use data science to create better experiences. We’ve created a handy one pager to give you detailed tips and tricks.


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Experiment and Learn

We’ve created a handy one-pager and accompanying digital tool (PDF and Microsoft Excel template; tips on using them here) to help you define and track experiments and start growing.


DOWNLOAD NOW (no email required) –> PDF and Excel template.

Get free ideas.

We know everyone could use a thinking buddy on the road to innovation and growth. That’s why we’d like to give you a taste of what it’s like to work with Sprocket – at no risk or cost to you. Simply give us a problem and a good timeframe to schedule a session. We’ll contact you, get something on the books, and take it from there.

Skim some smarts.

I cut my own hair now.

  Honestly, it's not something I would really ever say. Well, since I was 4, anyway. But these are, indeed, "unprecedented times", and they've led me to some unprecedented behavior. Which, in turn, has turned into totally new habits. What is a habit? According to Amy...

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