Start growing your business with existing customers.

Download some tools.

Experiment and Learn Tool

We’ve created a handy one-pager and accompanying digital tool (PDF and Microsoft Excel template; tips on using them here) to help you define and track experiments and start moving toward growth by experimentation today.


DOWNLOAD NOW (no email required) –> PDF and Excel template.

5 Principles: Using Data Science to Create Great Experiences

At Sprocket, we live and die by 5 principles that shape how we use data science to create better experiences. We’ve created a handy one pager to give you detailed tips and tricks. (If you want more details, check out our free webinar on the same topic.)

DOWNLOAD NOW (no email required) –> PDF

Get free ideas.

We know everyone could use a thinking buddy on the road to innovation and growth. That’s why we’d like to give you a taste of what it’s like to work with Sprocket – at no risk or cost to you. Simply give us a problem and a good timeframe to schedule a session. We’ll contact you, get something on the books, and take it from there.

Skim some smarts.

Accidental Beneficiaries Ate My Lunch

One of the key challenges in designing a loyalty program or any type of promotion is to avoid rewarding behavior that would have occurred anyway. We use the phrase “accidental beneficiaries” to describe rewarding existing behaviors. The cost of rewarding existing behavior is easily underestimated or overlooked in designing and assessing promotional initiatives.

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