Get yourself some customer insight and stop flying blind.

At Sprocket, customer insight is rigorous, actionable, and creates value.

At Sprocket, we set out to create a new kind of customer insight experience because we were tired of being disappointed. Because we approach customer insight from the perspectives of data science, design, and economics, the work you get from us is ALWAYS:

  • Rigorous. We integrate different qualitative and quantitative methods to arrive at powerful insights that are supported in more than one way.
  • Human-centered. We seek to define your customers as the rich, complicated people they are; we go beyond common demographic descriptions to get at the core needs and motivations that make them tick.
  • Actionable. We hate it when research firms drop off a PowerPoint deck of stats and pie charts and say “good luck…that was fun.” We place our research insights within the context of your problem and answer the question “so what” so that we can begin to turn the creative corner.
  • Valuable. We uncover plenty of interesting things in our insight work. But what really gets us jazzed are the insights that are also economically valuable when put into action. We’ll help you prioritize the insights that’ll help create the most value.

Scroll down to get more details on the types of insight work we do.

Customer Definition

We’ll help you define who your customers are based on their goals and motivations (these are personas) as well as economics (this is segmentation).

Personas help you design relevant products, services, and communications. Segments help you prioritize your efforts against business opportunities.

Our proprietary mixed-method approach utilizes qualitative research as well as unsupervised machine learning to create meaningful and actionable customer definitions.

Journey Mapping

Your customer’s journey doesn’t just include touchpoints with your brand. Understanding their journey complete with points of satisfaction and points of pain is a fundamental exercise that leads to more relevant marketing, better service delivery, and new innovation opportunities.

We’ll help you define your customer’s journey by utilizing qualitative research techniques such as in-depth interviews and direct observation. We’ll then help you quantify journey moments with surveys, analysis of online reviews (see “Digital Exhaust Analysis, below), and your existing analytics.

Digital Exhaust Analysis

With every online review, email or transcribed phone call to customer service, and social comment, your customers are providing valuable information of what they want, what their pain points are, and how you stack up with your competitors.

Using machine learning, natural language processing, and our own creativity, we’ll help you mine that data and turn it into usable insight.


Sprocket is a collection of marketers, experience designers, and social psychologists. Besides being fun at parties, we were always collectively disappointed with how other firms approach consumer insight; it never went deep enough to expose powerful insights.

From this frustration we invented ValueMapper. It’s our proprietary tool that is a mash up of “means-end” research techniques (to understand why people do what they do), “jobs-to-be-done” innovation theory (to define customers by needs, not superficial attributes), and machine learning (to objectively quantify your segments).

All this allows us to observe and categorize the complexity of your consumers’ behavior and communicate it to you in a simple and actionable way, so you can innovate and market better.

“The Sprocket team is a breath of fresh air. Their pragmatic yet fun approach to journey mapping helped us gain valuable customer insight that we’re using to change how we go to market.”

John von Stein

Director of Consumer Marketing, Webroot