To us, loyalty is more than just points and prizes.

We design modern loyalty strategies at the intersection of data science, design, and finance.

We leverage data – big and small – to look beyond just spending, demographics and simple metrics.  We seek underlying motivations,  drivers of satisfaction triggers, and patterns of behaviors to prescribe activities to grow the business.​

We employ customer understanding,  collaborative tools, and a test and learn mindset to explore possibilities of what could be.  In order to conceive and deploy content,  create touch points, and develop experiences that resonate with customers. ​​

We develop value propositions,  think through and cost out the mechanics of their delivery,  model incremental behaviors, identify the metrics and how to measure them, in order to develop the business case and P&L. ​

Sprocket may be new, but our experience in loyalty goes back more than two decades.

Here’s how we can help you out.

Multidimensional insight

We go beyond describing what happened by leveraging your data – big and small to conceive and develop analysis, scoring methods, and models which provide an understanding of customer behavior that goes well beyond the standard reports most loyalty platforms deliver.

Loyalty strategy & program design

We employ a tried and true methodology to conceive and consider alternative value propositions, assess the business case, specify the technology and processes and orchestrate the implementation.

Customer experience design

We use design thinking, customer understanding, and behavioral economics to develop promotions and experiences which members love and that drive incremental behavior.

Financial impact analysis

We devise and execute analysis to assess if a program or promotion generates incremental behavior or simply rewards behavior that otherwise would have occurred. We then value those incremental behaviors and compare them to a cost analysis to drive out an ROI and P&L.