Frontpoint Security

Frontpoint Security

Sprocket went beyond standard research to understand and describe underlying customer motivations. 



In only 10 years, Frontpoint grew from a lean start-up to the country’s fifth largest home security company.  Frontpoint had disrupted the category by pioneering the DIY approach.


In the last several years, competitors have introduced DIY, and the home security space has expanded into home automation.  In order to continue its innovation-lead growth, Frontpoint knew it needed to better understand customer motivations in this rapidly changing marketplace.


Sprocket designed a unique research approach that employed a combination of qualitative interviews, quantitative research, sentiment analysis of customer reviews and machine learning. We not only identified and described customer personas and uncovered their underlying motivations – we discovered which product features these customer groups most valued and why.


Four unique customer segments, each with slightly different motivations and product preferences, arose from this study. We quantified the relative value of each of these segments, and the segments served to drive media planning and acquisition strategy. Understanding what motivated each of these personas and what features most mattered drove messaging and communications as well as served to inform the product roadmap.


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January 10, 2018