Minnesota Vikings

Sprocket’s Full-Stack Fan Profiling Method helps the Minnesota Vikings create personalized relationships with their different fan groups.



Known for their Purple People Eaters and the SKOL chant, the Minnesota Vikings are an NFL Football team located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


The Minnesota Vikings were interested in creating research-based profiles of their fans so that they could better tailor their communications, fan experience, and activations to increase engagement.


We deployed our FULL-STACK profiling methodology that began with in-depth fan interviews to uncover key themes about what unites and separates fans. We then fielded a custom quantitative survey to uncover fans’ values, goals, needs and to measure important factors about game-day, experience, and connection to the brand. We used unsupervised machine learning to uncover six different fan segments, and through mobile game-day ethnography, we uncovered each profile’s unique game-day experience. Finally, we built a set of predictive models to write these profiles back to the Vikings’ internal database so that they could easily activate each fan group via targeted, personalized communications.

We went beyond creating profiles to embedding them in the Vikings’ organization.  Our final deliverable was a fully-functioning website that houses all of the information about the fan profiles, as well as ways to engage with and activate each profile, and thought starters about how to innovate for each profile.


The Vikings quickly put fan profiles into action across their business and every fan-facing activity they do is more intelligent (and RELEVANT) because of these profiles.


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April 10, 2020

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