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Sprocket’s human-centered approach to predictive modeling helps the MN Vikings streamline their season ticket renewal process.



The Minnesota Vikings have a very loyal season ticket member fan base. Vikings season ticket members (STMs) hit the gridiron in one of the most beautiful venues in the NFL: U.S. Bank Stadium. The stadium boasts some of the most unique club and suite experiences in all of pro sports, including sideline and all-inclusive club experiences.   


Each year, the Vikings face the task of ushering their Season Ticket Members (STMs) through the renewal process, with the goal of making the process as frictionless for fans and as efficient for the ticket operations and sales staff as possible. However, for a big brand, the Vikings Organization is an intimately small team. STM renewal occurs over the span of two months. It’s a large task for this team in a tight timeframe; hence, the Vikings needed to be as efficient as possible. Sprocket was charged with creating a predictive model to help the Vikings understand which STMs needed more and less nurturing through the renewal process to optimize the way this small but mighty team handles STM renewals. 


At Sprocket, we take a rogue approach to predictive modeling, in that we incorporate the human-centered design process throughout the entire project. We begin with co-creation sessions to engage stakeholders in a hypothesis-generation session. We challenged the Vikings to use their organizational and industry knowledge to hypothesize about what might lead to on-time versus late payment. 

Data integration and descriptive analysis is up next to help us identify likely predictors to feed into “the machines” during the predictive model building process. All the while, we were in direct contact with the Vikings team to constantly iterate our hypotheses and enhance the dataset we ultimately used in the modeling process. 

Our final deliverable was so much more than a predictive model. Beyond the 1’s and 0’s, we worked directly with the Vikings Ticket Office in an innovation session to determine numerous changes and refinements they could make to the STM renewal process to more efficiently direct staff and resources to improve on-time payments. Finally, using cutting-edge behavioral science, we recommended several small changes that the Vikings could make to nudge STM’s toward more on-time payment.


Through relentless collaboration, constant iteration and refinement, and a human-centered approach to a process that is typically left up to “the machines,” Sprocket was able to help the Vikings identify strategic segments of STM accounts to create multiple payment deadlines, which led to a 27% increase in revenue through the first payment deadline. 



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April 11, 2019

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