We combine data science & design to get you deep insight.




Growth starts with a firm understanding of those you serve. We leverage a mixed-method approach to mine insights you won’t get anywhere else.

Full Stack Profile Development

Most profile projects fail because they don’t consider what really drives behavior. Using a proprietary mix of qualitative and quantitative research coupled with advanced machine learning, we’ll help you define who your customers are based on their human values, goals, and needs. You’ve never seen human insight as deep as this.


Using your existing data and advanced machine learning, we’ll help you develop segments based on behavior, economics, or existing profile dimensional data. These segments can be leveraged to improve value propositions, personalize marketing communications, refine UX/CX and more.

The Minnesota Vikings Increase Relevance with Fan Profiles

The Minnesota Vikings were looking to better understand fans as consumer behavior and attitudes toward football have changed rapidly. We found six unique fan profiles and the Vikings found immediate relevance.

“With intuition and insight, the Sprockettes have helped Frontpoint identify, understand and respond to customer expectations. Their work has revealed hidden opportunities and motivations, and has fulfilled for us a critical need in next-best customer definition. Our newfound clarity – and confidence – in bet making owes largely to Sprocket.”

Mark Weninger

Former CMO, Frontpoint Security


Fuel your innovation, CX/UX, and marketing innovation efforts with research-based understanding of your customer’s experience.

Experience Mapping

Using qualitative and quantitative research techniques, we’ll help you map experiences of consumers in your industry (Experience Map), your own customers (Journey Map), and/or the interaction of your firm with your customers (Service Blueprint). Use this rich insight to improve your product/service experience, increase conversions, increase satisfaction, and personalize your sales and marketing activities.

Mobile Journaling

It’s a big eye-opener when you finally see how your customer sees you from their viewpoint. We’ll help you gain that perspective by having your customers “journal” their experience with you via a smartphone app so you can see their step-by-step experience in words, pictures, and videos. Use this insight to inspire marketing, product/service innovation, CX/UX and more.

Webroot Increases Conversion with Path To Purchase Insight

Webroot wanted to better understand what the journey toward purchase was like for their customers. Research-based journey maps gave them the insight they needed to evolve their acquisition efforts and increase conversions.


It’s not enough to have great ideas. We’ll help you assess and prioritize opportunities for growth.

Predictive Modeling

Using advanced data science techniques such as machine learning, clustering, and natural language processing, we’ll help you gain insight as well as predict and prescribe activities to grow your business. Some popular uses of this include predicting next likely purchase, identifying natural groups of like user behavior, or analyzing thousands of open-ended survey answers to quantify topics.

Trade-off Analysis / Conjoint

Often times you want to understand how people will make a decision in the future. Perhaps it’s predicting a likelihood to purchase a new product, or understanding what types of content would be the most interesting to different groups. Using conjoint and other trade-off techniques, we’ll help you design a custom trade-off analysis that simulates parts of reality so you can understand the impact of multiple changes on the customer decision.

Sprocket Helps Ragnar Relay Predict Future Race Attendance

Sprocket’s analytical chops and human-centered approach helped Ragnar Relay better predict future race attendance to better align resources.