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Growth starts with a firm understanding of your customers. We leverage a mixed-method approach to mine insights you won’t get anywhere else.

Persona Development & Segmentation

We’ll help you define who your customers are based on their goals and motivations (these are personas) as well as economics (this is segmentation). Personas help you design relevant products, services, and communications. Segments help you prioritize your efforts against business opportunities. Our proprietary methods enable the ‘holy grail’ – integrating both into a single analysis.

Journey Mapping

Your customer’s journey doesn’t just include touchpoints with your brand. Understanding their journey complete with points of satisfaction and points of pain is a fundamental exercise that leads to more relevant marketing, better service delivery, and new innovation opportunities.

Analytics & Predictive Modeling

We go beyond describing what happened by leveraging your data – big and small – to gain insight as well as predict and prescribe activities to grow your business.

Sprocket Helps Ragnar Relay Predict Future Race Attendance

Sprocket’s analytical chops and human-centered approach helped Ragnar Relay better predict future race attendance to better align resources.

“With intuition and insight, the Sprockettes have helped Frontpoint identify, understand and respond to customer expectations. Their work has revealed hidden opportunities and motivations, and has fulfilled for us a critical need in next-best customer definition. Our newfound clarity – and confidence – in bet making owes largely to Sprocket.”

Mark Weninger

Former CMO, Frontpoint Security


Your team already has the ability to create the future – our framework and toolset will get them on the right path.

Value Proposition Design

Finding the tasty nougat center where customer desires and business needs intersect is both art and science. We’ll help you design new value propositions that customers, as well as your accountants, love.

Innovation Workshops

Sometimes all you need is help from some smart people who don’t already live in your forest, to help you actually see the forest. We conduct 1 or 2-day innovation workshops to help you get new ideas on the board as well as evaluated for future implementation.

Customer Experience Design

We use design thinking and a deep understanding of your customers to conceive of touchpoints, strategies, and programs that result in experiences that customers love and that businesses can profit from.

Webroot Connects Insight with Imagination to Increase Renewals

Webroot wanted to better understand why customers renewed (or didn’t). Sprocket helped them answer that question and turn that insight into innovation that increased product renewals.


It’s not enough to have great ideas. We’ll help you assess and prioritize opportunities for growth.

Financial Analysis

We’ll help you forecast which customers you’ll encourage incremental behavior with, and which customers are “accidental beneficiaries”  (rewarding behavior that would have occurred regardless) so you can make informed decisions on customer growth initiatives.

Initiative Prioritization

There are lots of ways to grow your business with existing customers. Our proprietary tools will help you prioritize what to do now vs. next.

Experiment Design

We’ll help you turn the corner from innovation into implementation by helping you define experiments that clearly define your initial actions and expectations.

The Minnesota Vikings Experiment Their Way to Growth

The Minnesota Vikings were looking to encourage season ticket members to pay on time. Sprocket helped them predict who would pay late and helped them design experiments to encourage prompt payment.