A designer and a data scientist walk into a bar…

People always ask us how Sprocket began, and as it turns out, that’s how it happened. A simple meet-and-greet sparked a partnership between unlikely nerds that created the magic that is Sprocket.

We combine the elegance of human-centered design with the intelligence of data science to uncover insights that fuel innovation and communication. Essentially:


We help companies stay RELEVANT with deep human insight.


Whether you want to gain additional value from your current set of products and services, create something totally new, or communicate in a more personalized way, the sweet-spot that sits at the intersection of our respective super powers means we’ve got you covered.

Meet your Sprocketeers.

April Seifert

Data Scientist & Social Psychologist

I believe in making informed decisions and taking calculated risks. That is why I have devoted my career to research and data analysis – it is what provides the competitive advantage to move forward intelligently….and win.

Justin Royer

Researcher & Experience Designer

I design strategies and experiences that customers want and that businesses can execute and profit from. I’m a huge fan of using machine learning and human creativity to design better services. I’m also a fan of the Oxford comma.

“The Sprocket crew is fun to work with. They take the work seriously, but not themselves.”


Rich Wang

Director of Analytics, Minnesota Vikings

Give us a shout. We’d love to turn with you.