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5 ways marketers leave customer value on the table (and what to do about it)

As marketers, we’re often extremely focused on bringing new customers into the fold. And let me tell you there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s entirely necessary, especially during certain stages of your business lifecycle.

But here’s the deal – you’re most certainly leaving value on the table with customers that you already have.

Wrestling with Incrementality

Every loyalty program manager should be wrestling incrementality. But be ready for a tough battle. The questions are formidable. How much of the behavior in the program is incremental? What’s that behavior worth? Which members exhibit incremental behavior and what motivates them?

While not an easy pin fall – wrestling with incremenatly is a winnable match. By combing clever analysis tied to the use cases for incremental behavior with a mixed method approach using both quantitative and qualitative analysis, incrementality can be wrestled to the mat.