We begin with people and their problems

At Sprocket CX, innovation doesn't stop with customer needs, but it always STARTS there.

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We use analytics to gain insight

We believe analytics shouldn't be intimidating. We meet you where you are to create insight from data.

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We build relationships of value

We design customer experiences, relationship marketing, and loyalty strategies that create long-term business value.

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At Sprocket, art meets science to create business value

The team at Sprocket has been mixing science and art to create business value for decades. Our team is composed of energetic, curious, and experienced professionals from the fields of data science, design, and economics.

And this isn't our first rodeo. We've been sharpening our craft for some time now and have designed relationship marketing, loyalty, and data science strategies for companies big and small. Check out some of our work.

The company Sprocket keeps

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Want to learn more? We offer services that blend big (and small) data analytics with relationship marketing, loyalty, and customer experience design.