Stay RELEVANT with deep human insight.

We blend humans and machines to understand what truly drives those you serve.

Don’t chase shiny things.
Understand your customers.


Most marketers fail to deliver because they spend their time chasing every shiny new tool or tactic.

(We know because we’ve been there.)

As it turns out, being yelled at the loudest or tricked by the newest marketing tactic isn’t what builds real relevance and loyalty with the people you’re trying to influence.

The key is knowing those you serve so well that your products, services, and communications are relevant from the start.

Deep human insight is your key to growth.

Do you want to bet your company’s success and your own career on random marketing tactics and noise? Or, do you want the insight and certainty that comes with knowing those you serve on a human level?

Our proprietary people-first offerings blend data science and design to help you gain human insight that fuels business growth.


Our proprietary mixed-method “full stack” profiling approach will get you deep human insight to fuel your business growth.


Customer Profiles


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Understand the context and experience of those you serve with our journey mapping and ethnography offerings.


Journey Maps
Service Blueprints
Mobile Journaling


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We use advanced data science techniques and leverage your existing data to help you gain insight and predict behavior.


Predictive Models
Clustering Analysis
Tradeoff Analysis / Conjoint


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“I was impressed with how Sprocket merged data, economics, and creativity in a unique way that lead to a collection of valuable insights and a refined strategic direction. They’re wonderful and fun thought leaders; a great extension to our team.”

Andrea Krohnberg

Former Senior Director of Member Engagement, YMCA Twin Cities

We’ve been helping great companies grow with human insight.

Let’s do this.

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